Pipe Leaks/Burst Pipes Insurance Claims


Pipe Leaks/Burst Pipes cause tens of thousands of water claims every year. Nevertheless, you might not think much of your plumbing system until something terrible happens: Your walls and floors are damaged, you have standing water in your home, and it is a faulty pipe that is the cause.


You may be entitled to compensation from your insurance provider if you have suffered pipe damage or a burst pipe. It is unfortunate that insurance companies often restrict payouts and deny claims when it comes to water damage.

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Understanding Burst Pipe Insurance Claim

If the damage is sudden and accidental, damage caused by plumbing problems and appliance leaks should be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. When your pipes burst, for example, and water floods your home, your home insurance policy will generally cover the cost of repairing this damage, except for the actual pipe that burst. Additionally, it should cover the costs of gaining access to the pipe and repairing any drywall, flooring, or tile that needs to be replaced to reach the burst pipe.

Policies protect policyholders against unforeseen events, such as a random burst pipe. A homeowner’s policy isn’t intended to protect policyholders from preventable damage, such as mold caused by a broken pipe dripping behind a wall for five years without being fixed. Home insurance covers damage caused by plumbing problems or appliance leaks, as well as damage to your property and possessions. Both dwelling coverage and personal property coverage are included in a standard home insurance policy. The dwelling coverage protects the structure of your home. The coverage will pay for home repairs if a covered peril causes damage to your home (for instance, a burst pipe). This policy can cover the expense of replacing water-damaged drywall, for example, and water-damaged flooring as well. Your personal property is covered if you have possessions damaged due to a plumbing issue or appliance leak. Your insurance company should replace your damaged TV as well as the damaged areas of your home if; for example, the bathroom above your living room is saturated with water and runs onto your TV.


Most policies have exclusions for long-term damage, wear, tear, and marring. Insurance companies can attempt to extrapolate this. They may have terms in their policy to deny coverage long-term exposure within their policy. If the insurance company provides denial of your claim, Insurance Assurance Inc. will represent your interest, making sure that your claim is properly documented and filed.  We provide comprehensive assistance with all plumbing insurance claim. You can easily negotiate with your insurance company with the help of our licensed professionals. Contact us today!


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