Pre-Loss Disaster Planning and Pre-Loss Inspection

Fires, earthquakes, and natural disasters can happen at any time. We can’t predict when a disaster will happen, but we can prepare you by assisting you with pre-loss inspection and disaster planning.

A complete and accurate assessment of your risks will be provided to you at your location. Understanding the potential losses you might face is the first step to taking action before anything goes wrong.

You’ll always know what’s happening when you work with one of our licensed and certified disaster insurance adjusters. No matter what’s happening, Insurance Assurance Inc. will keep you informed and give you the personal attention you deserve. Call us today for Free Consultation. 

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Understanding Pre-Loss Disaster Planning

A natural disaster is one of the most terrifying causes of property damage. These types of events are not only complicated to predict, but also impossible to prevent, and can quickly become life-threatening. Business owners can encounter a serious crisis if a natural disaster affects the operation of their company or the safety of their employees. There are several ways that businesses can prepare for a possible natural disaster, such as fire, flood, or storm, even though these situations might be hard to predict. Using pre-loss planning practices, a company can protect its buildings, assets, and employees from disaster emergencies. Besides protecting your business and employees, a disaster preparedness plan allows you to streamline recovery processes and return to normal operation more quickly.

A business can face a variety of crises and natural disasters. Several conditions can lead to temporary building closures and severe damage, including wildfires, flooding, thunderstorms, and extreme heat. While many different types of disasters can occur, implementing a pre-loss planning system into your business can mitigate many problems ahead of time and help you get back to normal operations more quickly.

Pre-loss disaster planning refers to a method of preventing harm to a business, not just its employees and facilities, but to its goals as well. Taking precautions and preparing for difficult situations is a critical component of a comprehensive pre-loss plan that assumes disasters can happen at any time and that the company as a whole can take action to avoid them.

Benefits of Pre-Loss Inspection

It is common for insurance companies to demand proof of property damage or loss when it occurs. A pre-existing condition needs to be proven. However, this is a difficult task. Consider what it would be like to lose everything in a fire. Have you kept records of your property? Unless you do, it’s unlikely you will recover all of the value.

To offer enhanced protection to property owners, we’re now conducting pre-loss inspections. This proactive measure facilitates future insurance claims by creating a digital record of the property, which the insurance company can use in the event of damage or loss. In cases like these, a complicated claims process can be too much to handle. After all, an insurance hassle is the last thing you need to deal with after your property has been severely damaged.

We perform a thorough inspection of your property and its contents as part of the service. Photographs of the exterior and interior will be taken by our inspectors, an inventory of the contents of each room will be completed, and important documents, insurance policies, and any receipts will be digitized. The complete pre-loss inspection is then stored in digital format on our secure network and a copy is sent to you, the owner.

Pre-loss inspection is a proactive step to make sure you are protected and will recover more financially. Proving to insurance companies the extent of a loss is very difficult without the proper documentation and evidence. This service will assist you in developing, acquiring, and maintaining that evidence.

Insurance Assurance Inc. is an experienced and knowledgeable insurance professional that can conduct Pre-Loss Disaster Planning and Pre-Loss Inspection for homeowners and businesses. With our help, we can reach an equitable, mutually acceptable agreement with your insurance company. We offer insurance claim help throughout the entire state of Florida. Contact Us Now. 


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