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In a claim or action, an umpire is an individual appointed by the appraisers with the responsibility of deciding the value of properties or how much damages have been sustained. If two parties in an appraisal process cannot agree on the amount of a loss, the umpire, a professional appointed by the insurance company, will make a binding decision. Umpires are trained experts in dispute resolution who should also have some understanding of insurance adjusting. Their services are vital for appraisals.


Insurance Assurance Inc. provides umpire services to parties seeking a fair, competent and experienced umpire. We have extensive experience in construction, claims adjusting and insurance appraisals, which enables us to analyze engineering reports, construction requirements, financials and other expert reports. The commitment of Insurance Assurance Inc. is to arrive at an accurate, fair and neutral determination of “amount of loss” has been evident by its members being suggested to serve as umpires by Insureds and also appointed by Courts to serve as umpires. Call us now to learn more about our services. 866-432-7093/(321) 735-6428

Understanding Umpire Services

Insurance policies may contain a clause referred to as an appraisal clause. In most cases, an umpire is usually a claims adjuster, general contractor, or a judge who sits on the appraisal panel, and who is called upon when the two impartial appraisers are in dispute and they are unable to reach an agreement. How do property insurance umpires get paid? An Umpire is paid by both the insured and the insurance company. There is a disadvantage to having an appraisal clause: it is likely to be enforceable by either party.

A property insurance umpire is an uninterested, impartial, competent individual who is charged with deciding the value of a property or the amount of a loss. Property umpires are appointed professionals who resolve property insurance claims disputes after two parties cannot agree on a loss during an appraisal process. It is essential that an umpire has some understanding of insurance adjusting and all its components as well as being certified as a dispute resolution expert. Typically, most property policies allow the service of an umpire to be appointed during an appraisal process, although a few insurance companies have removed this option. The goal of this process is to find a mutually beneficial solution that will save both parties money and time. Every appraisal should utilize the services of an umpire. A third-party umpire should be appointed at the onset of the appraisal process so that in the case that two appraisers are unable to agree on an item, they are available and ready to help resolve the issue.

To protect your insurance claim, you should have a public adjuster on your side from the start. A professional insurance company can help you document the loss and provide a detailed estimate of all the damages and ensure that all the portions of your policy that you are entitled to are paid. A successful outcome is possible if you are prepared for appraisal by an insurance company.

It can be quite frustrating for a policyholder when they disagree about the cost of repairing damaged property, especially when it feels that they have no choice but to settle for the amount offered by the insurance company. Property damage insurance claim disputes are becoming more common, but insurance companies sometimes fail to notify policyholders of their right to participate in a variety of forums to resolve them. In consequence, many policyholders are unaware that they are entitled to dispute an insurance settlement amount. They also do not have any idea about how to properly initiate a property insurance claim dispute.

Insurance Assurance Inc. provides fair, competent, and experienced umpires to parties seeking to resolve insurance disputes. We bring to a loss as practicing public adjusters the knowledge of the adjusting process and the ability to understand and interpret engineering, construction, financial, and other expert reports. In case you have questions about umpire services or the importance of umpire services, please contact us. 866-432-7093/(321) 735-6428

Insurance Assurance Inc. is an experienced and knowledgeable insurance professional that can provide Umpire Services for homeowners and businesses. With our help, we can reach an equitable, mutually acceptable agreement with your insurance company. We offer insurance claim help throughout the entire state of Florida. Contact Us Now


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